The  model and its benefits.

"If we dream extravagantly we will be inspired to forge a reality beyond the straight jacket of practicalities." (Ernest Hall)

Our Model offers a comprehensive service to transition your people and your business to deliver real and sustainable innovation benefits. It delivers three key outcomes and benefits.

  • Innovative workplace relations and culture
    • Improved productivity, greater agility and flexibility
    • High calibre of leadership at critical interfaces
    • New mindsets and attitudes
    • Enterprise agreements aligned to business needs
    • A workforce immersed in innovation fundamentals & objectives
  • Innovation mastery
    • Innovation as a core business strategy
    • An innovation pipeline
    • Increased idea generating capacity
    • A self-perpetuating internal innovation capability
    • Well-defined methodology supported by rigorous measurement and tools
  • Execution competence in delivering innovation
    • Delivery of results and benefits
    • Disciplined project methodology
    • Proven and effective change strategy
    • Alignment to business strategy
    • Managing risk and uncertainty

"Much virtue in ..."

Touchstone ‘As You Like It’
Act 5 Scene 4: William Shakespeare

The current environment is dominated by robust debate on how to achieve greater workplace productivity. Innovation is the key to unlocking productivity. Innovation Force can help you rethink the way your business is structured, the factors that are impeding workplace productivity and the role employees can perform as ‘intrapreneurs’ in developing a culture which fuels innovation.

We help businesses develop a ‘mindset of innovation’ with the result that all individuals have their ‘minds set on innovation’.

The Programme

Innovation Force manages the delivery of these benefits through a structured programme. It incorporates our Framework and Process supplemented by tools and services. The Model, Framework and Process comprise a detailed and systematic approach for developing your innovation strategy and practices. Innovation Force covers the entire cycle through an end to end process from idea creation to implementing.

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