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How Innovation Force meets your needs

Our company doesn’t know how to do innovation We start by imagining what your business could be like, we explore creative ideas, we translate those ideas into something that can be implemented and we oversee the implementation. We have a comprehensive end to end framework and methodology. We will mobilise your workforce to develop business wide momentum, commitment and capability in innovation. We specifically focus on the importance of actually delivering innovation.
We don’t have an innovation strategy  Our offering is about strategic innovation. Innovation Force is dedicated to making every business a centre of excellence in innovation. We will help you become a Model Innovator. Our approach is designed to make innovation the core of your business strategy. 
We generate lots of ideas but we lose them in translation. We don’t have a mechanism that effectively turns those ideas into outcomes.  Our framework specifically includes capturing, assessing, prioritising and executing your ideas so that good ideas don’t fall through the cracks and tangible and measurable business benefits are realised. Addressing the challenges of execution is one of our differentiators. We start to build an execution engine much earlier to accelerate the project and deliver outcomes. 
There is little scope left for cost-cutting. We have cut to the bone. We are facing serious competition and looking for an edge. We believe developing an Innovation Strategy is the single most important initiative a company can undertake. Cost cutting is a tactic rather than a strategy and when done to excess bleeds the people and the company dry. To achieve new growth through innovation a company needs to develop a mindset of innovation, a supportive culture and a robust process. Innovation Force offers all of these ingredients.
We are in a highly competitive environment. We lack flexibility, adaptability and speed to market. We are not agile enough. Innovation Force will equip your team to be focused on being fit for Asia, fast to market and flexible in how you operate. We have deep experience in workplace relations and strategic change. Achieving business agility is an integral part of how we approach any brief.
The market is demanding improved performance. What we need is new growth through innovation. Innovation Force believes that innovation drives productivity, increased productivity drives business growth and business growth creates jobs. Innovation Force operates along this continuum. Innovation Force can help you perform better in the short term whilst never losing sight of important long term objectives and strategies that will drive organic growth and future-proof your business. 
We are not adequately focused on the customer. We are not capturing or exploiting the ideas from customers or suppliers. As part of our framework and process, we harvest ideas from suppliers and customers and include them in detailed idea assessment and prioritisation. We will leave your business with enhanced customer relationships and a strengthened capacity to source and act on ideas from key groups such as customers and suppliers. 
We need to source and maximize the potential of the ideas that lie within the workforce. We believe in employee-driven innovation - the heart of the approach taken by Innovation Force is to unleash the ideas and creativity that lie within the workforce. We are absolutely committed to working with your employees to unlock hidden value. We create a culture and mindset of innovation and back it up by leaving your employees with tools and techniques to be ongoing innovators. 
Our workplace is resistant to change. Our people lack  motivation and have low morale. How is this innovation programme going to be different?  Experience in all dimensions of workplace change is a core strength of Innovation Force. That experience will be mobilised to specifically address employee engagement, identify and remedy the root causes of dissatisfaction and empower your people to be change agents in seeking out and driving innovation. 
We want  tangible results-measured, demonstrated and sustainable. One of the central features of the way Innovation Force operates is to include measurement throughout our process. We work with your internal team to come up with the most meaningful and effective measurement standards. We don’t treat measurement as an afterthought.


Provide your details or call John on 0418 424 468 or Sue on 0421 057 352 and we can show you how these issues can be addressed in more detail.