Our philosophy

Innovation Force believes that innovation drives productivity, increased productivity drives business growth and business growth creates jobs.

Innovation Force operates along this continuum.


Our impact

Innovation Force enhances your business performance. We will:

  • Unlock hidden value in your business
  • Inspire the take-up of innovation by releasing the potential of your employees
  • Foster original thinking and create a pipeline of ideas
  • Embrace and accelerate ongoing change
  • Measure and reward productivity increases 

 What makes us different

  • We immerse your business in the ‘how to’ of innovation.
  • We marry the freedom to create with passion, pragmatism and good project discipline and measurement.
  • We create, design and deliver a structured Innovation Programme supported by a Framework and Process with integrated execution.
  • We create a climate, culture and mindset to foster innovation.
  • We think deeply about the emerging world of work and the trends that are shaping your ‘Workplace of the Future’.
  • We understand people and change through six decades of combined experience.
  • We are specialists in employee driven innovation and employee relations.
  • We develop new skills and capabilities in your people.
  • No jargon – straight talk, hands on and practical.
  • We have a value for money pricing model.

Innovation Force has the distinguishing feature of being able to change the way your people think.

Our people

John Linney is a Change Agent and Workplace Innovator dedicated to creating a cutting-edge strategic advantage for clients. With over 25 years of consulting experience in workplace change advising major Australian companies, John has demonstrated a unique ability to change the way people think and work by breaking down barriers, lifting the calibre of leadership and stimulating new approaches to improve business performance.

Sue Linney is a Business Activist whose experience in both strategy and execution reflect her innate ability to design and drive outcomes. Sue is dedicated to building value through innovation and her experience in law and project management has given her an unusually strong amalgam of intuitive, analytical and pragmatic attributes to design and deliver results for clients.


Innovate, not procrastinate.

                                                Create, not stagnate.