We are dedicated to making every business a centre of excellence in innovation.

  • What your business could unleash its creative potential?
  • What you could convert that creative energy into tangible results?
  • What innovation could become a mindset embraced by your entire workforce?

The ability for Australia to compete is becoming more and more difficult. We are a high wages, high cost environment. Whether you are in a volatile or mature market, it is essential to have a strong capability to innovate. 

Everyone talks about innovation but ‘doing innovation’ is the big challenge. We marry the ‘freedom to create’ with good project discipline and measurement. We don’t leave your ideas with nowhere to go.

Innovation Force has a framework and process that will ensure your business has:

  • Innovative workplace relations and culture
  • Innovation mastery
  • Execution competence in delivering innovation

Our approach is to grow your resources, not grow the number of our resources in your business.

Innovation springs from people and their ideas. We use innovative methods and tools to create ideas and deliver outcomes.

John Linney


Sue Linney

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